Repentant Mary Magdalen

Repentant Mary Magdalen
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Titian (c. 1488-1576) was one of the leading exponents of Italian painting in the sixteenth century. His talent was soon recognised and he became the official painter of the Republic of Venice, with his portraits creating a model for the representation of prestigious figures although he was equally skilled in mythological and religious painting. The theme of Repentant Mary Magdalen was used by Titian in several paintings and later popularised through engravings. The painting from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, which is considered to be the best of them all – because of the saint’s tragic expression and the atmosphere surrounding her – was kept by the artist until his death and then sold by his son to the Venetian collector Cristoforo Barbarigo.

February 5th | 18h

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