The transfiguring effect that the museum has on its visitors derives from its unsuspected wealth of knowledge,put to practical use in the continuous work of preserving, studying and promoting the collection, while also clearing upany errors and doubts.
The museum exists in order to offer a personal experience to its visitors, itself deriving from the one that is developed by those who work there, day after day. The museum experience is based on the enthralling and highly personal act of contemplation and this, in turn, is rooted in the irreplaceable value of the object as a timeless and redeeming testimony to the human creative capacity.
The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga considered this to be the ideal moment for developing and organising this present project, conceived under the provocative title of the Museum of the Discoveries, since it is a time when we are witnessing a fresh reappraisal of the concept of the museum, as illustrated by the current enthusiasm for the formation of new institutions.

May 30th | 18h30