MNAA | 12 Choices

2018 12x12 980x380

12 personalities choose, with complete freedom, 12 pieces from the MNAA collections, defining a "guide" of subjective affinities. Over 12 months, the suggested “guides” will be offered to the visitors in a free brochure, which includes a short text by the authors explaining the reasons for their choices. Special graphic symbols identify the 12 works of art.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (President o f the Portuguese Republic)
Prince Amyn Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation)
André Jordan (Businessman)
Monica Bellucci (Actress)
Lidija Kolovrat (Fashion designer)
Matteo Consonni (Gallerist)
Robert A. Sherman (Former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal)
Philippe Starck (Creator)
Jacques Grange (Interior designer)
Lorenzo Viotti (Conductor)
Antonio Muñoz Molina (Writer)
Christian Louboutin (Shoe designer and entrepreneur)