Four panels of the retable of Saint Lucy

Four panels of the retable of Saint Lucy
Embassy of Portugal in Spain

Master of Riglos is the name given to an unknown painter from Aragon, who was probably working in Zaragoza in the middle third of the fifteenth century.His painting style was very similar to that of other Aragonese artists from the middle of the century, such as Blasco di Grañén and Pere García de Benavarre, which formally situates the Master of Riglos among the Linear Gothic painters, seduced by the use of gilt and beautiful colours. He does, however,also display a remarkable capacity for telling stories that are full of anecdotal detailsand pay close attention to the most common reality.
These four paintings narrate episodes from the life of St. Lucy, the martyr from Syracuse in the early fourth century, and belonged to a larger altarpiece, with the image of the saint in the centre accompanied by paintings of other episodes. This group of pictures formed a pair with another altarpiece, dedicated to St. Blaise. In the early twentieth century, the two altarpieces both belonged to the collection of the Bacri brothers, important antique dealers from Paris.

May 14th | 18h

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