• The (Im)permanence Manuel Botelho

The (Im)permanence of the Gesture has its origins in the lecture given by Manuel Botelho at the international symposium of funerary sculpture, hosted by the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in November 2017. Through a dialogue between text and images, the author brings ancient sculptural works into a reflection on some of the perplexities of contemporary life.
Between the (Im) and Permanence, MNAA presents the work of Manuel Botelho in two stages, that of the video The (Im)permanence of the Gesture and the photographic images exhibited in the Medieval Sculpture Gallery, making permanent the sculpture of the Monastery of Batalha.

December 5th | 16h30

Exhibition in partnership with the Capuchos Convent (Municipality of Almada) where it will be open until April 24th, 2020.