The Last Iluminator

Estêvão Gonçalves Neto (active 1604-† 1627) owes his fame to the Pontifical Missal, the most important testimony to Portuguese iluminated manuscripts from the 17th century, made between 1616 and 1622 for Dom João Manuel, Bishop of Viseu. Author of other works of singular quality, Gonçalves Neto continued the Portuguese traditions of illuminated manuscripts and may have been familiar with the productions of the Escorial workshop.
This exhibition and the research it raised reveal little known and unpublished works. It also shows some works which, it would appear, are the result of probable collaborations with other illuminators and the impact that Gonçalves Neto's production had on Portuguese art scene.

Celina Bastos
Miguel Soromenho

7th july 2016 | 6.pm